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Herb Seeds - Marigold French - 500 Seeds by Wafer - Image 1

Herb Seeds - Marigold French - 500 Seeds by Wafer

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  • Marigold French - Tagetes patula. Lovely garden flowers, but with strong root secretions and leaf odour.
  • Root secretions act against nematodes and leaves and roots keep down whitefly. Grow amongst tomato and many other crops. Height 22cm.
  • When to Sow: Late February to April
  • Where to Sow: In pots or trays in greenhouse at 16-18° C.
  • What to do Next: When seedlings are large enough to handle, prick off into trays and grow on. Gradually harden off and plant out from end of May onwards.


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  • Brand: Wafer

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